Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy: 
Relationship building is the key to our success! There is constant communication between teachers, counselors, administration, parents, students, and support staff in regards to students needs academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.  Relationships are built intentionally through school wide activities and events awards assemblies, PBIS initiatives, communication home, clubs, after school activities, Pep Assemblies, hallways and lunch conversations.

Key Attendance Supports:
Counselors, Social Worker are doing daily 6th, 7th, 8th grade check in for students with high attendance issues.
Developing attendance goals and support plans to encourage students to come to school.
Counselors and social workers to gather information on students with high attendance issues to provide support and refer families to external supports i.e. mental health providers, psychiatrist, primary care physicians.      Attendance clerk calls home when students are not at school each day      Counselor, Social Worker, and Administrator to do home visit with students with high attendance issues.
Referrals to Child Protective Services (CPS) and or Family Access and Connection Team (FACT) team to follow up on attendance issues.

We use the previous school years attendance data to identify students to monitor and intervene with from the start of the school year.
We pull attendance data bimonthly at each grade level to create a “watch list” that is monitored daily until the next meeting.
Data is reviewed monthly, analyzing trends of improvements and or declines in attendance.
The results of the monthly data determine individual intervention and incentive plans.

Attendance Protocols When Student Is Identified As Chronically Absent:
*Track and monitor attendance
*Attendance letters sent home
*Parent call, email or post card home
*Attendance interventions identified, goals set and monitored, incentives established, attendance group
*Home Visit
*Parent Conference
*Referral to CPS, FACT

Miscellaneous Attendance Information:

Home Work requests can be made through Schoology. All students have the ability to stay in contact with their teachers through Schoology. Any paper homework that is left for a student from a teacher may be picked up after 3:00 and before 8:00 p.m. The homework bin is located by the Greeter's Desk in the main lobby.

When your child misses school due to being tardy, leaving early for an appointment, or absent for the day be sure to remind them to speak to all of their teachers upon their return to get missing work, make up tests, or quizzes, and make arrangements to stay after school if they need to get caught up on instruction they missed. 

If your child has been out sick for 2 or more consecutive days, please send them in with a doctor’s note.

Teachers are not obligated to provide for the following unexcused absences:
*Family vacations
*Travel sports teams, or sport teams that are not Spencerport School affiliated
*Take your student to work day
*Send your child in with a note explaining their absence or tardy when they return to school the following day.

Call the attendance office when your child is going to be absent, tardy or dismissing early.

-When a student is absent from school, the District requests a parent/guardian to call the attendance office at 349-5350 as soon as possible, preferably by 8:00 am. This phone number is a direct line to Mrs. Lehman in the Attendance Office. The Attendance Office has a 24-hour voicemail service; so if you call after hours or get no answer during the day, the message will be received. When you call, please state the student’s full name, grade, and reason for their absence. When the student returns to school, please send in a written excuse which should come to the Attendance Office right off the morning bus.

-When a student is going to come in late, please call the Attendance Office by 8 a.m. to report his or her tardiness to school. Remember: the attendance policy requires you to come into the building and sign your child in at the Greeter Desk. Students will then be given a pass to admit them to class.

-When you are picking up your child for any reason (Doctor/Dental Appts), please send in a note to the Attendance Office right off the morning bus. These notes get entered into the attendance system on the computer. This allows the student to leave class and meet you at the Greeter Desk at the appropriate time. We try to refrain from calling into rooms while classes are in session. Teachers should allow students to come down as long as a note was sent in, otherwise they may question it, and we may need to verify. Early release notes are essential to having students there on time for pick up.

-If you drop your child off late in the morning for any reason and school has started (after 8 am), the district requires you to come into school with your child and sign them in.

-The only exception where you do not have to come in to sign your student in/out is at the end of the day at 2:50 p.m. As long as your student knows you are coming, they can meet you at the front of the building at dismissal.

The Counseling Office:
Jackquelyn Woodard - 6th Grade Counselor - 349-5343
Julianne Henninger - 7th Grade Counselor - 349-5342
Erin Bell - 8th Grade Counselor - - 349-5345
Traci Powlowski- School Social Worker- 349-5361

Attendance Secretary:
Mrs. Lehman   349-5350