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5th to 6th grade Parent Presentation
5th to 6th Parent presentation 4-29-19.pdf

 As in previous years, 6th grade students will get their computers during the first week of school. However, all parents or guardians must complete the online User Agreement form.

Please go to . We are encouraging everyone to complete this form prior to Fri., Aug. 23 to ensure that all students are eligible to have a laptop at the onset of the school year.

Laptop User Agreement and Protection Plan hardcopy (2019-2020).pdf


We will begin posting videos that can support students and parents with our 1:1 Computer Initiative.

Below is some information with regard to our new "Bring Your Own Device" policy at Cosgrove.  

Click the link to watch a brief video that will explain the expectations.

BYOD Video Link

Below is an outstanding website to monitor/assess your child's media and content:

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