Homework Requests

Homework Requests...

  • You may request homework through Schoology. Students can talk directly to teachers and see what they have missed through Schoology. You may also email teachers directly using the link on our website.
  • Paper homework may be picked up by a parent after 3:00 and before 8:00 p.m. The Homework Bin is located by the Greeter's Desk in the main lobby. If you were unable to pick up the homework after talking to a teacher in Schoology, please have your student get it from the bin when they return to school.
  • Homework may also be given to another student as per your request, please arrange to get the work from that student.
  • For vacations: Teachers are not required to provide work in advance, but you may request from them directly by emailing individual teachers if you feel necessary or by having the student talk to the teacher in advance.