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HS Course Selection book for current 8th graders:

For homework requests, please have your student talk to his/her teachers through Schoology. Homework and classwork is posted daily on Schoology. 

For attendance concerns or to report any absence please call Mrs. Lehman at 349-5350.

The Counseling Office

Julianne Henninger - 6th Grade Counselor - 349-5342

Erin Bell - 7th Grade Counselor - 349-5345

Jackquelyn Woodard - 8th Grade Counselor - 349-5343

Traci Powlowski - School Social Worker - 349-5361

Jessica Fowler - Registration/Counseling Secretary - phone: 349-5340   fax: 349-5346

Danielle Ballard - Part-time Counseling Secretary - 349-5341

hat do School Counselors Do At Cosgrove?

This is a good place to start.....

  • We are personal student advocates and we teach students to self-advocate
  • Check-ins with ALL students to monitor adjustment to the middle school.
  • Help students build resilience 
  • Individual, group and crisis counseling (anxiety, divorce, bullying, etc.)
  • Teaching the difference between conflict and bullying
  • Problem Solving
  • Mediation between students
  • Friendship or Social concerns
  • Set up Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Substance abuse concerns
  • Academic issues
  • Busing issues
  • Lunch groups with students
  • Work closely with teachers, parent, administrators and students to ensure each child has a positive, rewarding experience in the middle school.

National Junior Honor Society Information (click here for more information)

Helpful resources:

The Family Support Center is a no fee short-term counseling service that is available to all students and their families who reside in the Spencerport Central School District. The Family Support Center serves, supports and collaborates with families, school professionals and others to remove emotional, behavioral and interpersonal barriers to student learning, achievement and well-being. 585-349-5158

The Family Support Center works with families in identifying, accessing, and coordinating services. The center is available to address the needs of students and families in a variety of areas:

  • School attendance and achievement
  • School and home behavioral problems
  • Family discord
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Adjusting to family change
  • Anxiety or stress/worry
  • Depression
  • Anger or violence
  • Trauma, illness, or grief
  • Self-harm (self-injury, suicidal thoughts and actions)
  • Drug/alcohol concerns
If you would like to make an appointment for counseling, call 349-5155. For more information about the Center, please contact Erin Hassall directly at 349-5158. The Family Support Center is open five days a week during the school year.

The Family Support Center is located in the Administration building, 
71 Lyell Avenue, Spencerport, New York, 14559.

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