National Junior Honor Society Information

Requirements for National Junior Honor Society*

Academic Eligibility:

Starting with the Class of 2022, you must maintain a 93% cumulative grade point average for 7th grade.

These quarter grades are not rounded; therefore, an 92.9% cumulative average will not be eligible.


You must be in a leadership role or exhibit leadership in at least two different organizations in 6th, 7th, or 8th grades. Some examples of leadership include:

1. Leader in Student Council 

2. Chairperson of a committee

3. Captain of a sports team

4. Editor of yearbook

5. Officer of any group, club or committee (i.e., Patrol leader in Scouts)

6. Active leadership role in a class/peer tutoring verified by the teacher of the class (i.e. religious ed assistant, dance assistant, swim instructor-all unpaid-however, this example can be used for leadership OR service NOT both)

7. Taking on a “teacher like” role in events in or outside of school (i.e. teaching a Sunday school class or teacher assistant in school)

8. Section leader in band or chorus

Talk to your teachers about possible opportunities that may be available in their classroom. This may include teaching part of a class or forming/leading a study group.


Character includes the traits of HONESTY, FAIRNESS, COURTESY, TOLERANCE and COOPERATION. Even one referral demonstrating a lack of these characteristics could be enough to prevent a student from being accepted into NJHS.


Citizenship is a concept of participation concerning your ATTITUDE in regards to FREEDOM, JUSTICE, PATRIOTISM and RESPECT for fellow human beings.

Service Activities:

You need to complete 30 service hours (all unpaid). These hours must include participation in at least three different activities during 6th, 7th or 8th grades. There is a minimum of 4 hours per activity for it to count; related activities (i.e., girl scout service projects) can count as one activity. Some examples of these activities include:

1. Student Council or Jazz Band

2. Office Aide, Library Aide, Teacher Aide, Band or Chorus librarian

3. Peer Tutor in school or outside (i.e., religious ed assistant, dance assistant, swim instructor)

4. Church and Charity Activities

5. Girl/Boy Scouts, 4H, Civil Air Patrol

6. School Committees

7. Service Club

8. Extra-curricular Music Groups (Jazz Ensemble, Show Choir, Church groups, Memorial Day Band)

9. Newspaper, Yearbook

10. Helping with Handicapped Students 

11. Volunteer work at Nursing Homes, Salvation Army, soup kitchens, hospitals, Special Olympics

12. Relay for Life

13. Principal's Advisory Council

*Note: These requirements are effective starting with Class of 2022.

Participation in Sports and Drama no longer count towards volunteer hours.

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