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March 23, 2018

Spring is here?!  Our student athletes have started trying out and even running in the hallways after school to get ready for their season.  I am hoping the weather breaks soon and we all feel a sigh of relief at the sign of warm air and sunshine.  Students have been so busy over the past few weeks and I wanted to send a quick update before I take a break with my own family during Spring Recess. 

6th Grade students will participate in our Career Day today.  Over 23 speakers from a wide range of careers, backgrounds, training and experiences will be shared with our students.  Thank you to the counseling staff, as well as the College and Career Committee for setting this experience up.  As a former business teacher and co-op coordinator, Mr. Milgate, Superintend


Update from Cosgrove 2-2-18

February 2, 2018

Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog saw his shadow today in Pennsylvania and predicted six more weeks of winter.  In two weeks, our students will be having a spirit week and our 10th Annual Groundhog Olympics to kick off the 2nd semester at Cosgrove.   The students will end their week with our wacky Olympics in the gym for the coveted Cosgrove Olympic flame award.  The theme days that were selected by students for the 12th – 1th are as follows:  Monday-Super Hero Day, Tuesday-Workout Day, Wednesday-Decade Day (60’s 70’s, etc..), Thursday-Favorite Character Day(books, movies, shows), Friday-Spirit Day(6th wear white, 7th wear yellow, and 8th wear blue).

Academically, our students are also working hard in the classroom.  Report cards went out in the mail today and I have had many proud students tal