Attendance Policy

Call attendance line each day a child is absent or coming in late/tardy. 
The phone number is 349-5350 and has 24-hour voicemail service. If calling after school hours, or receive no answer during the day, the message will be received by the attendance secretary Amy Lehman. In your message please provide the following information: the student's full name, grade, and reason for their absence, or coming in late.  

When the student returns to school, please have an excuse note submitted to the office as soon as the student arrives to school. 
Students that are late/tardy: 

If a student is late/tardy, please call the Attendance Office prior to 8 A.M. so that a call won’t be generated home.  

Please note: the attendance policy requires you to come into the building and sign your child in at the Greeter's Desk if the student will be arriving after 8:00 A.M. After signing in at the Greeter’s Desk, the student will then be given a pass to admit them to class.  

**If a parent can't sign their student in due to emergency, then please call ahead, or provide the student with a note to submit.** 
Early release notes for student pickup:  

If a student needs to have an early release from school for a specific reason (medical, dental, orthodontist, etc.), the student should provide a note to the office right after arriving on the morning bus. The notes are then entered into the Attendance file that is shared with teachers each day.  

This will allow the student to leave class a few minutes early to be at Greeter's Desk for their pickup time. The school strives to refrain from calling into rooms while classes are in session. Teachers should allow students to leave class if a note was provided. If a note is not provided in advance, teachers may question a student about leaving, and the school may need to verify the information. Early release notes are essential to having students on time for pickup.  

*If you forgot to provide a note, or an appointment was made with little or no prior notice – then please call ahead ASAP – in the event that a student is in a physical education class or is outside of the school building they can then be located.* 

**The only exception where you do not have to come in to sign your student in/out is at the end of the day dismissal @2:50. As long as your student is aware that you are coming, they can meet you at the front of the building at dismissal.** 

Miscellaneous Attendance Information: 

All homework requests are made through Schoology. All students can stay in contact with their teachers through Schoology. 

When your student is absent from school due to being tardy, leaving early for an appointment, or is absent for the day, please be sure to remind them to speak to all their teachers upon their return to obtain missing work, make up tests, or quizzes. Students can also make arrangements to stay after school if they need to get caught up on any instruction they missed. 

If your child has been out sick for 3 or more consecutive days, please send them in with a doctor’s note. 

Teachers are not obligated to provide for the following unexcused absences: 

    • Family vacations
    • Travel sports teams, or sports teams that are not affiliated with the Spencerport Central School District
    • Take your child to work day 

**Please send your child in with a note explaining their absence or tardy when they return to school the following day. It is better than not being notified at all.** 

The Counseling Office:

Counselor Name Grade Level Phone Number
Jackquelyn Woodard 6 (585) 349 - 5343
Andrew Burroughs 7 (585) 349 - 5342
Erin Bell 8 (585) 349 - 5361

Additional Contact Information:

Name Role Phone Number
 Tracy Powlowski School Social Worker (585) 349 - 5361
 Amy Lehman Attendance Secretary (585) 349 - 5350