Teacher Listing

Below is a list of our teachers by subject area, then grade level. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates or to contact a teacher. You may log in by clicking this link.

Cyber security for school districts has become a larger concern as cyber-attacks on school districts have increased across the country. In order to help protect SpencerportCSD, we have removed the vast majority of email addresses and the staff directory from our website.

If you cannot find a teacher or contact in Schoology, please reach out to the main office. Thank you for your understanding!

Mrs. Shaffer-Heeks
Ms. DiGuardi

Mr. Allen 7/8
Mrs. Dallo 6
Mrs. Fenton 7 (RtI)
Ms. Galbraith 8 (RtI)
Ms. MacCollum 6
Ms. Milligan 8
Mrs. Rossi 6 (RtI)
Mrs. Thevanesan 7 
Mrs. Ward 8
Mrs. Welch 7

Ms. Marino
Ms. Pease

Mrs. Chevalier

Mrs. Robinson
Ms. Nourse

Information Technology
Mrs. Roth

Mrs. Wiedenhofer

World Languages                                 
Mrs. DiSabatino
Mrs. Hall
Mrs. Mongold
Mr. Sartin
Mrs. Sortore

Mr. Amoroso 7/8
Ms. Corelli
Mrs. Hasselberg 8 (RtI)
Mr. Hayes 7
Ms. Leone 6
Ms. Lippa 8
Mrs. Limina 8
Ms. Miron 7
Mrs. Morton 8
Ms. Moretto 6
Mrs. VanDeWeghe 6 (RtI)

Teaching Assistants
Mrs. Covert 
Mrs. Kofron
Mrs. Reding

Mr. Barclay
Ms. Buffa

Ms. Mingoea

Ms. Perfetto
Mr. White

Physical Education
Ms. Buck
Ms. Burns
Mr. Hugelmaier
Mr. Gray
Mrs. Somers

Mr. Becker 6
Mrs. Briggs 6

Mr. Daniels 8
Mrs. Hoerner 7
Mrs. Pahuta 8

Ms. Slusarenco 8
Ms. Steele 7

Mr. Swain 7
Mrs. Wilkins 6

Social Studies
Ms. Akers 7
Mr. Cafarella 7/8

Mr. Deserto 7
Mrs. Kazmierski 7
Ms. Kraftschik 6

Mrs. Marasco 6
Ms. McLaren 7
Ms. Miller 6

Mrs. Ragan 8

Special Education
Mrs. Alloco 6
Mrs. Dils 8
Mrs. Henry 7
Mrs. Hondorf 8

Mr. Mulroy 8:1:1

Mrs. Painter 7
Ms. Peggs

Mr. VanVleck 6/7
Mrs. Welch, 12:1:1
Mrs. Wolff 7
Ms. Zoyhofski-Starr 6

Mr. Cleveland
Mr. English
Mr. Swanson

Counseling Department
Mrs. Woodard 6
Mr. Burroughs 7
Mrs. Bell 6